For many years (10 to be exact of my almost 29 years career) I have been saying that Oracle DBAs should be always the most proactive as possible (“As per my very well know session – Tips and Best Practices for DBAs”). The main issue when implementing an effective proactive methodology is that due to the lack of incidents you end up forgetting most of your firefighter skills, so to help you to practice this skills I have developed “CrashSimulator”. CrashSimulator is FREE and is able to provide you with almost 50 different scenarios for CDB and Non-CDB Databases. Please fill the form at the end of this page to receive the executable of the program for Linux.

Note: CrashSimulator Documentation available here

This is basically my gift to the Oracle Community around the world on my anniversary of 10 years working with OTN. It started at early 2008 when for most of the year I was the top OTN forum contributor in the world, and thanks to that I had the privilege in becoming an Oracle ACE and a few months later, an Oracle ACE Director. During this 10 years, I am proud to have achieved some very important personal goals, as per example:

  • Becoming the first Latin American to participate in the International Conference Circuit as speaker
  • Becoming the first Latin American to participate in the Oracle University Celebrity Seminars program
  • The first professional in the world to be promoted from ACE status to ACE Director (Double ACE)
  • The first Latin American Database professional to receive an Oracle Excellence Award and Oracle Magazine Editor’s Choice Award
  • Wrote my first book – Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide reviewed by many great friends including Tom Kyte, Robert Freeman, and many more)
  • Created and Organized the OTN Tour Latin America and APAC (Becoming the father of the OTN Tours), and supported other OTN tours creation.
  • Created and Organized the APAC Webinar Tour
  • Helped with the creation of many Oracle User Groups around the World
  • Founded LAOUC and APACOUC
  • Been for many years president of LAOUC (retired), CLOUG (Current), NZOUG (Current), APACOUC (Current), IAOUG (Current)
  • Organized the first Oracle User Conference in Latin America (CLOUG OTN Day in April 2009 that opened the door the User Group events in the region), plus over 62 other conferences around the world.
  • Spoke at over 140 Conferences around the world, giving over 300 sessions

It is great to lock back and see that my efforts opened the doors to many other Oracle Professional around the world, especially at Latin America.

Hope you enjoy CrashSimulator, and please help us to share this wonderful free tool for Oracle DBA with all your peers and friends. Please also follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn to be informed with regards to new releases of this tool (A new version would be released every 45 days).

Note: CrashSimulator Documentation available here

Note: This page had already over 5k visits in the first 96 hours and CrashSimulator was downloaded close to 1,000 times during this period. Please help to share this tool with all peer and Oracle Community around the world!


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