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Register here for one of the 2 seminars available for the New Zealand Oracle Users Group members and Oracle community in New Zealand.

Cost: NZ$ 435 (plus GST). This included a free one year membership from non-NZOUG members or a free year renewal if you are a member already (only for individuals).

Local: Local Oracle office


  • Auckland, New Zealand at October 21-22 (Full Day – Do not include meals)
  • Wellington, New Zealand at October 29-30 ((Full Day – Do not include meals)

Description of the Seminar “Mastering Backup and Recovery 2 days seminar”:

“This seminar was used for the Oracle University Celebrity Seminars and was already being dictated on many countries around the world. The seminar was completely redesigned to include Oracle Database 12c and to make it more productive to the assistants.”

Why should you attend this seminar?

  • Learn how to evaluate and analyse your backup strategy within your environment and how to improve it if necessary.
  • Discover advanced RMAN techniques like incremental merge, compression, encryption, RMAN Recovery Catalog views, reporting from Recovery Catalog, enhancing RMAN parallelism, active duplications, recovering tables, migrating to different O/S and much more.
  • Discover Data Pump and how powerful it is!
  • Learn about User Managed Backups and Flashback
  • Learn about how NOLOGGING operations can affect the recoverability of your data
  • Learn how to use OEM12c and SQL Developer for Backup and Recovery
  • This session will be illustrated by real-life case studies with many scripts you can take home.


  • Backup strategies and being proactive
  • 11g new features for backup & recovery
  • 12c new features for backup & recovery
  • Advanced Flashback
  • Advanced RMAN
  • Advanced Datapump
  • Migrations and duplication (cloning)
  • Healthcheck scripts and performance diagnosis
  • RMAN troubleshooting
  • Scripting and reporting
  • Nologging Operations
  • OEM12c and SQL Developer
  • Various failure scenarios and how to use RMAN and Datapump

For registering or to request more information regarding one of the sessions above, please fill the form bellow:

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