Playing with Oracle 11gR2, OEL 5.6 and VirtualBox 4.0.2 (1st Part)

Project Name 11gR2/2011
Author Francisco Munoz Alvarez
Software Used

Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6
Oracle VirtualBox 4.0.2
Oracle Database and Infrastructure Software

Date 02/02/2011

The idea of this tutorial is to show you how you can create an Oracle Database 11gR2 using Oracle VirtualBox and OEL.

This installation should never be used for Production or Development purposes. This installation was created for educational purpose only, and is extremely helpful to learn and understand how Oracle works if you do not have access to a traditional hardware resource.

1) Download the Software

2) Install VirtualBox

  • run the VirlualBox executable file and click next in the first screen


  • Click next in the Custom Setup screen to make a default installation


  • Click next to create a shortcut on your desktop and in the Quick Launch Bar


  • A warning screen will tell you that your network interface will be reset and you will be temporarily disconnected from the network, click next to go to the last screen in the installation process.


  • Finally, in the last screen you click [Install] to install the product or [Back] if do you want to change anything in the previous settings.



  • And after a few moments, your new Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.2 installation is ready to go!


  • Now you are ready to go, let’s create our virtual machine. Click on New [Top Left corner]


  • Click Next in the welcome screen


  • Let’s enter our Virtual Machine name: Ora11gR2.2 and click next using the default settings for OS as Oracle Linux


  • Set the virtual machine memory to 2048M and click next


  • Click next in the Virtual Hard Disk screen


  • It will start the New Virtual Disk Wizard, click Next


  • In the Hard Disk Storage Type, select dynamically expanding storage and click Next .


  • Than select the directory where you want to have the virtual machine create and select the maximum size of your new virtual hard disk, for this tutorial let’s use 12G, and click next.


  • VirtualBox will show you the first Summary, please check that all is ok and than click Finish.


  • Your second Summary screen will show up, please check that all is ok and than click Finish again.


  • And your new virtual machine is now created!

In the next part of this tutorial I will show you how to install the OS in this new virtual machine just created! (To go to the second Part of this article please click here )

Kind Regards,

Francisco Munoz Alvarez

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