Bye bye 2010, Welcome 2011

First than all, I’ll like to apologize to all my friends and followers for the absence of posts on my blog for the last few months but this last months were very intense to me as you can see bellow.

The 2010 was a great year full of great, fantastic and wonderful experiences and news, so much activities and so many thanks to give, let’s take a closer look in how the 2010 was for me:

Here you can find some 2010 photos:

OOW BrazilFrancisco Alvarez Oracle Magazine AwardOOW Brazil Leaders LunchGalapagosStanleyRonald BradfordHans ForbrichFrancisco AlvarezGalapagosOOW BrazilOracle ACE Director of the year 2010GUOB Tech Day 2010UYOUG

Presenting at GUOB Tech DayGUOB Tech Day SpeakersECUOG LA OTN TourSANGAM 2010

GUOB Tech DayThomas KyteDana SingleterryRonald Bradford

GalapagosOTN Tour Costa RicaOTN TourGUOB Tech Day

OTN TourOTN TourOTN TourGalapagosOTN Tour


Took me some good time to think in my resolutions for 2011 and they are:

  • Finish my first book
  • Present some seminars in the Oracle Celebrity Seminars
  • Organize the second LA OTN Tour (July or August 2011, looking for speakers, do you want to participate?)
  • Organize the first APAC (Asia Pacific) OTN Tour (Late October early November 2011, looking for speakers, do you want to participate?)
  • Organize the biggest and better Oracle conference that New Zealand ever saw(31 October and 1st November 2011)
  • Open my company Education Division
  • Open a new business with my wife
  • Be a better father and husband

Thank you all, and please accept my wishes of peace, love, health and prosperity for you and your family in this new year that just started!

Francisco Munoz Alvarez

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  1. Dear Francisco,

    Congratulations on your efforts for 2010. This new year, I would like to participate in the OTN APAC tour and OTN LAD tour with new conference presentations.

    Ben Prusinski

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