Fun and Networking in Sweden and Estonia

May was a fantastic month for networking and fun in Europe! Orcan Spring Conference and EMEA Harmony were two great conferences and my sincere congratulations to all the people involved to the success of both events. In these events I had the opportunity to see again some great friends like Joze Senegacnik, Daniel Morgan, Heli Helskyaho and Tom Kyte and also gave me the opportunity to make some new ones like: Piet de Visser, Debra Lilley, Chris J. Date,  Dimitri Gielis,  Mogens Norgaard, Tanel Poder,Tiina Lehtovaara, Patrik Norlander, Jesper Karlsson, Andrejs Vorobjovs, Hüsnü Şensoy, Luca Canali, Stanley and a lot more of great and fantastic people!

Bellow you can see some photos of the trip (more are available in my facebook), you can see some good friends and  moments, also Debra cooking Stanley and later in the day shooting the poor Stanley, he inclusive end the trip looking for some kind of protection against Debra as you can see bellow;)

I really loved these events and hope to be invite again next year! Soon will post my presentations here.

fco_piet 01_tallin IMG_8936

stanley_me IMG_8876IMG_8863IMG_9240


IMG_8970 IMG_8977 IMG_8979

IMG_8978 IMG_8992 IMG_9018 

IMG_9044  IMG_9087 IMG_9305

IMG_9315  Orcan%20Hasseludden%202010%20064 Orcan%20Hasseludden%202010%20046 


Hope to see everyone soon!

Francisco Munoz Alvarez

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  1. Hi Francisco.
    How are you ?

    These pictures are fantastics. You should to have appreciated a lot, rigth?

    See you soon in The GUOB Tech Day.

    Succes always for you!!!!

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