New SQL Developer 1.5 – Free by Oracle

For the fans of the old and good SQL*PLUS, TOAD (commercial use, but exists a free version with several limitations) and PL/SQL DEVELOPER (commercial use and version of evaluation for 30 days), who not yet know Oracle SQL Developer, I recommend try it, this tools is free and you can download it from OTN. This graphical tool from Oracle had the project initiated back in 2006 and is not only for developers use, is also for DBA’s. Currently, Oracle SQL Developer 1.5 is certified not only to be used with to Oracle Databases 9i (, 10g, 11g, but also you can use to connect with MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase and Access. (This tool is developed in Java, and can be used under platforms Windows, Linux and Mac OSX)For the fact of this software use a JDBC driver, is not necessary install any client software to use it, just download the zip file from OTN, unzip it and is ready to use.  Because it has a graphic interface, Oracle SQL Developer facilitates the navigation by objects of the data base (tables, views, procedures, constraints, etc…), allowing the creation, edition, deletion and visualization of the codes sources not only of objects, but also of users of data base.  One another important function that it offers is to allow the generation of execution plan of the SQL’s submitted.
Some of the capacities of Oracle SQL Developer 

  • Create connections with different databases

  • Navigate between objects

  • Create objects

  • Edit Objects

  • Consult and to manipulate objects (DML)

  • Export and generate DDL of objects

  • Make copies and comparisons between schemas and objects

  • Process commands

  • Edit PL/SQL code

  • Execute and debug PL/SQL code

  • Execute and create personalized reports

  • Migration integrated Workbench

  • Allow integration with control version systems (CVS)

sqldeveloper_win sqldeveloper

Please, be free to download it and test it.


Francisco Munoz Alvarez 

Note: Based on Eduardo Legatti notes.

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