SANGAM’09 a wonderful experience, Thank you India!

SANGAM’09 at Bangalore, India is already behind and I don’t have words to express how wonderful experience it was, I just can say I’ll never forget. India is a fantastic country and a beautiful place to visit. I want to say thank you to the AIOUG directors for the invitation to speak in their first conference, it was fantastic  and I’m 100% sure that AIOUG have a great future and I’ll be more than glad to help and participate any time requested!

Regarding my ACE program presentation in the end of my “Logging or No Logging” speech, I’ll love to see more Indian nominations for ACE Awards, due to the great capacity and knowledge of all professionals in the region, please, if you know someone that fit on this category, please submit a nomination and help Oracle to detect and award the best of the best on your country. (Nominations here)

Download SANGAM’09 presentations and script here

Logging and NoLogging Presentation  Logging and NoLogging Assistance Logging and NoLogging Q&A Session

Francisco Munoz Alvarez  

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  1. We would surely like to see you visiting India more and more Francisco. I missed meeting you this time but I shall try to make it sure that it won’t happen the next time 🙂 .


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