Pre-Gold Coast Conference


Here I’m, preparing my luggage for this trip and enjoying my family for few moments. This will be my second conference in 2 weeks. This kind of situation is a little new for me due that I was a speaker in the past just for a few and small conferences, and If you asked me few months ago if I’ll be doing this kind of Conference Tours I’ll told you “NOOO”, are you crazy?

Now I’m starting to enjoy it (probably I’m crazy already, who knows?), and I’ll try to do more and more conferences next year as possible.

I will keep all you guys informed about any news and very soon I’ll post some new pictures from this beautiful part of the World locate in the East Coast of Australia.

I just hope to have better flights this time, because I’m a little scare after some nice experiences I got on my flights to and from Perth.

1st, when traveling to Perth, my seat was located in the aisle side and the lady in my left side was using her seat and ½ of mine seat also. You can’t imagine how I felt that 5 hours of it, any time any person or flight attendant passed thru the aisle they hit me, because half of my body was haggling out my seat.

2nd,  when traveling back I requested  a nice window seat, great one more time the flight was full , and to my happy night my seat was damaged and the recline button was not working, can you imagine have 5 nice hours trying to sleep on this situation ? (23:30 to 5:00 AM 🙁  flight to Sidney)


Francisco Munoz Alvarez

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