Some News for RAT (Real Application Testing)

“Real Application Testing is Now Available for Earlier Releases“

Oracle Database 11g introduced Database Replay and SQL Performance Analyzer as part of the Real Application Testing option to enable businesses identifies issues with system changes before production deployment in other words, Oracle Real Application Testing facilitates the testing and validation of system changes by recording a workload from a production system and replaying it with all the original characteristics such as timing, concurrency, and transaction dependencies, on another system for testing purposes, also it will analyze the impact of a change on application performance by identifying degraded SQL statements and advising how to remediate them.

When released, the only previous release of Oracle that you was allowed to use it was Now RAT is available for earlier (for pre-11g database) release like:


This are great news for us, and will allow us to test and get more information to evaluate any probably upgrade to 11g.

This functionality for pre-11g database releases is installed using the “opatch” utility and following instructions for the generic and platform specific in the “README” for the patches.For more information and to know what patches you will need to use, please refer to Metalink Note:  560977.1


Francisco Munoz Alvarez

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