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“Francisco Tours Australia and NZ: Oracle ACE (Database) Francisco Munoz Alvarez is presenting his paper “Logging or Nologging: That is the Question” at the AUSOUG National Conference Series in Perth (Oct. 6-7) and Gold Coast (Oct. 13-14); and the NZOUG 2008 Conference at Rotorua, New Zealand (Oct. 20-21).”  by OTN TechBlast October Edition

The first conference is already in the past, I was expecting to assist several good sessions but due to a technical problem (virus) with my laptop I was forced to use a big part of my time rebuilding it and my presentation. I know was my fault and I learned a lesson here, but I’ll catch it back on Gold Coast. I had the honor to shortly meet some great Oracle Professionals like:

  • Mr. Alex Gorbachev (Oracle ACE)
  • Mr. Connor McDonnald (Oracle ACE)
  • Mr. Penny Cookson (Oracle ACE)
  • Dr. Timothy Hall (ACE Director)
  • Mr. Chris Muir (ACE Director)
  • Mr. Dennis Remmer (ACE Director)
  • Mr. Martin Power (Oracle ACE)
  • Mr. Gavin Soorma

I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate these professionals for their great presentations and especially to Connor McDonnald for presenting the most entertaining session of the conference. His passion, confidence, and technique to present are one of the best I saw in my career.

I want to say thank you to the AUSOUG organization team, for the great job done on Perth and for invite me to be a speaker there.  The conference had a great ACE session called “ACEBook”, that was a very light and interesting informal Q&A session where I had the honor to be invited to be part on the ACE panel.

I want also to say “Welcome” to this side of the World to Mr. Alex Gorbachev, who just moved to Sydney, Australia a few weeks ago. I wish the best to him and his family in this new step in their lives.

Oracle ACE SessionAlex PresentationConnor’s PresentationTim’s Presentation

Some Pictures from the EventSome Pictures from the EventSome Pictures from the EventSome of Sydney

Some of SydneySome of SydneySome of SydneySome of Sydney


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