How to Start and Stop a RAC Environment

Auto Start/Stop

The Oracle Cluster Services handle the automatic start and stop of the Cluster, Listener, ASM and the Database.

For the Grid Control Agent, the auto start- stop is handled via the /etc/init.d/dbora script.  On server boot the dbora script starts the agent with /home/oracle/scripts/start_agent. On server shutdown the dbora script calls /home/oracle/scripts/stop_agent

Manual Start/Stop

Each database instance may be manually started and stopped using standard sqlplus scripts. However, it is highly recommended that the srvctl command interface be used in a RAC environment. Note that srvctl commands can be run remotely from any node in the cluster.


srvctl start nodeapps –n hostname

srvctl stop nodeapps –n hostname 


srvctl start listener –n hostname

srvctl stop listener –n hostname 


srvctl start database –d edwdev

srvctl stop database –d edwdev –o immediate


srvctl start instance –d edwdev –i edwdev1

srvctl start instance –d edwdev –i edwdev2

srvctl stop instance –d edwdev –i edwdev1

srvctl stop instance –d edwdev –i edwdev2


srvctl start asm –n hostname

srvctl stop asm –n hostname 

Grid Control Agent

Set environment to ‘agent’ using . oraenv

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl start agent

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl stop agent 


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  1. CRS-0215: Could not start resource ‘ora.sunblade6.LISTENER_SUNBLADE6.lsnr’.

    I stop the listener through and want to start through srvctl command but it gives above error…suggest me what to look further…


  2. hello can i get a guide on stopping the database and restarting the server and then restarting database and service on a Windows RAC server with 4 nodes on each side (primary and standby)

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