Oracle Application Server (10.1.2) Reference Tips – Part I

Starting an OracleAS infrastructure 

  1. Start the database listener: # lsnrctl start
  2. Start the repository database: # sql> startup
  3. Start the processes of the Oracle Infrastructure instance: # opmnctl startall
  4. Start the OracleAS Console: # emctl start iasconsole – then try it http://host:1810  

Stop an OracleAS infrastructure 

  1. Stop the OracleAS Console: # emctl stop iasconsole
  2. Stop the processes of the Oracle Infrastructure instance: # opmnctl stopall
  3. Stop the repository database: # sql> shutdown immediate;
  4. Stop the database listener: # lsnrctl stop  

Access OracleAS infrastructure 

  1. To Portal welcome page: http://host:port/pls/portal
  2. To Reports Services: http://host:port/reports/rwservlet
  3. To Forms Services: http://host:port/forms90/f90servlet  

Stop and start OracleAS infrastructure 

  1. # opmnctl startall – use the Oracle Process Monitoring and Notification to start
  2. # opmnctl stopall – use the Oracle Process Monitoring and Notification to stop 

To change or maintain OracleAS infrastructure use

  • # dcmctl 

Start and Stop an OracleAS Control on Windows 

Use one of the following methods: 

  • From the Windows Start menu, navigate to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Menu item for the Oracle home and select Start AS Console or Stop AS Console. 
    • For example, to start the Application Server Control on Windows 2000, select Start > Programs > Oracle – Oracle_Home Enterprise Manager > Start AS Console.
  • From the Windows Services control panel:  
    1. Open the Services from control panel. 
      • Locate the Application Server Control in the list of services.  For example, on Windows 2000, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools and then double-click the Services icon. 
    2. Locate the Application Server Control in the list of services.
      • The name of the service is consists of “Oracle,” followed by the name of the home directory you specified during the installation, followed by the word “ASControl.” For example, if you specified AS10g as the Oracle home, the Service name would be: 
        • OracleAS10gASControl 
    3. After you locate the service, you can use the Services control panel to start or stop the Application Server Control service.
      •   By default, the Application Server Control service is configured to start automatically when the system starts. 

Check if OracleAS Control is Running 

To verify if the OracleAS Control is started, you just need to pointe your browser to the OracleAS Control Console URL:  http://hostname.domain:port 
For example: 

  • http://hostname.domain:1156 

There are two ways to locate the OracleAS Control Console port number: 

  • Review the contents of the portlist.ini file, which is located in the following directory in the OracleAS Oracle home: 
    • (UNIX) ORACLE_HOME/install/portlist.ini
    • (Windows) ORACLE_HOMEinstallportlist.ini 

  • Or enter the following command: 
    • (UNIX) ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl status iasconsole
    • (Windows) ORACLE_HOMEbinemctl status iasconsole

Note: Next week more tips for you.

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