Overview of the Oracle Application Server (10.1.2) – Part I

Oracle Application Server is a complete and integrated platform to develop, deploy, and administer a fast, scalable Internet application through built-in Web caching, load balancing and clustering capabilities. 

The Oracle Application Server solution areas are: 

  • J2EE, and Internet Applications:J2EE enables the use of a comprehensive and flexible framework that allows you to design, develop, and deploy dynamic Web sites, portals, and transactional applications using familiar programming languages and technologies (as servlets, JavaServer pages, XML, PL/SQL Server Pages, and SOAP). Oracle Application Server also provides comprehensive Web services to expose business functions to authorized parties over the Internet from any Web device.
  • Portals: You can build, deploy, and maintain self-service by using portals in the Oracle Application Server. It also includes Oracle Instant Portal, a custom application built with OracleAS Portal that provides smaller enterprises an opportunity to build simple portals in a short amount of time.
  • Caching: It caches both static and dynamically-generated Web content significantly improving the performance and scalability of heavily loaded Web sites.
  • Wireless: It simplifies development and deployment of an application in a wireless environment.
  • Intelligence: Business: it provides a dynamic personalized content to both registered and anonymous visitors.
  • E-Business Integration: provide communications and integration capabilities for e-business applications including many non-Oracle data sources.
  • Availability and Scalability: Provides a flexible deployment model that allows you to architect your system for high availability and scalability using a variety of options for improving availability and scalability, and provides features for implementing fault tolerance, death detection, and failover. Additionally you can use options as cold failover clusters and active failover clusters.
  • System Management: Provides a set of management facilities to simplify all aspects of Web site and application server administration. Using this capabilities, you can:
    • Configure and monitor Oracle Application Server instances from a centralized console
    • Monitor and manage your entire suite with OEM
    • Real-time, graphical information about your processes with Topology Viewer
    •  Have your HTTP port management automated
    • Create and manage application server clusters
    • Deploy and configure applications
    • Start and stop the application server and its components
    •  Respond to problem conditions from a centralized console
    •  Use encrypted secure sockets layer (SSL) connections, user and client certificate-based authentication, and single sign-on across all applications
    • Implement Oracle Internet Directory, an LDAP-compliant directory

  • Identity Management: The Oracle Application Server identity management infrastructure allows you to manage user identity throughout the application security life cycle. Oracle Application Server provides components for handling authentication, security services, authorization, and user provisioning to ensure the security of your Internet applications.  

OracleAS 10.1.2 Administration Guide

 The OracleAS Middle-Tier components and solutions are: 

  •  J2EE and Internet Applications
    • Oracle HTTP sever
    • OracleAS Containers for J2EE
    • OracleAS TopLink
    • OracleAS Framework
    • Oracle JDeveloper
    • OracleAS Web Services
    • Oracle XML Developer’s Kit
    • Oracle PL/SQL
    • Oracle Content Management SDK
    • OracleAS MapViewer
  • Business Intelligence
    • OracleAS Reports Services
    • OracleAS Forms Services
    • Oracle Business Intelligence  Discoverer
    • OracleAS Personalization
  • Portal
    • OracleAS Portal
    • OracleAS Portal Developer Kit
    • Oracle Ultra Search
  • Wireless
    • OracleAS Wireless
    • OracleAS Wireless Developer Kit
  • Caching
    •  OracleAS Web Cache
  • E-Business Integration
    • OracleAS InterConnect
    • OracleAS B2B
    • OracleAS Adapters
    • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    •  Oracle BPEL Process Analytics
  • System Management
    •  OEM 10g
  • Identity Management and Security
    • OracleAS Single Sign-On
    • OracleAS Certificate Authority
    • Java Authentication and Authorization Service
    • OID
    • Oracle Security Developer Tools
  • High Availability
    • OracleAS Guard
    • OracleAS Backup and Recover Tool
    • OracleAS Disaster Recovery Tool
  • Installation and Upgrade
    • OracleAS Metadata Repository Creation Assistant
    • OracleAS Upgrade Assistant
    • OracleAS Metadata Repository Upgrade Assistant

Note: Next Week I’ll go over each component and solution in detail.

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