Some Good or Bad news, I’m not sure Yet…

The company I work for here in New Zealand is not currently supporting me and overloading me of work because they have only interest on explore my new ACE status to get new clients and projects, due to this situation I’m currently suffering a severe asthma problem triggered by severe stress.

Last week I had a meeting where force me to make some decisions about my future in this company. As most of my colleagues already know (and they know the full list of reasons, that by legal matters I can’t express on my blog yet), I have made the decision that our paths should diverge. At this time we are trying to set the best way to this happen.

As result of this is that some time very soon I’ll have to get off myself and find a new job or contract. I’ll be looking for any good opportunity to keep growing my knowledge and allow me to keep trying to help other fellows DBAs in the Oracle Community. Probably I’ll start given some training clases and Seminars again…let see what will came on my future 🙂

Francisco Munoz Alvarez Oracle ACE

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  1. Sometimes the difficultiest decisions to take, are the best ones for our future. Make your choice. The choice that make you happier. Good luck! Laura

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