Oracle is the #1 Relational Database

Gartner 2007 Worldwide RDBMS Market Share Reports 48.6% Share for Oracle (*)

Gartner has published their market share numbers by operating system for 2007 based on total software revenues. According to Gartner, Oracle

  • Has 48.6 percent share (up from 47.9 percent in 2006) growing at 14.9 percent
  • Is growing faster than the market average of 13.3 percent with US$8.29 Billions in revenues
  • Continues to hold more market share than its two closest competitors combined

(*) Source: Market Share: Relational Database Management System Software by Operating System, Worldwide, 2007 – Colleen Graham, Bhavish Sood, Horiuchi Hideaki, Dan Sommer – July 11, 2008

 DW Oracle #1

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