How to find all user Roles and Privileges?

Here is the scripts to help you to get this information: PROMPT  PROMPT  PROMPT ******************************************** ROLES AND PRIVILEGES  PROMPT  PROMPT ******************************************** USER ROLES  SELECT grantee user, granted_role, admin_option, default_role  FROM dba_role_privs  WHERE grantee IN (SELECT username FROM dba_users) AND       grantee Continue reading

How to migrate from 32 bit to 64 bit using RMAN?

This procedure can be used for single instance or RAC (9i to 11g): In the 32 bit source server : Start making a full backup of the database including all archivelogs: RMAN> run  {   allocate channel c1 type disk;   allocate channel c2 type Continue reading

Oracle Application Server (10.1.2) Reference Tips – Part I

Starting an OracleAS infrastructure  Start the database listener: # lsnrctl start Start the repository database: # sql> startup Start the processes of the Oracle Infrastructure instance: # opmnctl startall Start the OracleAS Console: # emctl start iasconsole – then try Continue reading

Overview of the Oracle Application Server (10.1.2) – Part I

Oracle Application Server is a complete and integrated platform to develop, deploy, and administer a fast, scalable Internet application through built-in Web caching, load balancing and clustering capabilities.  The Oracle Application Server solution areas are:  J2EE, and Internet Applications:J2EE enables Continue reading